Other Products


It is an air freshener and disinfectant with a pleasant and lasting
fragrance. It does not damage or stain fabrics, eliminates
unpleasant odours, and purifies the air.

Spray available in : 300 ml

Surface disinfecting spray with 70% alcohol, suitable for all surfaces. CLEANS, PROTECTS and, KILLS 99.9% OF COMMON GERMS, and contains PH neutral formula to use on hard surfaces at home such as kitchens, bathrooms, door handles, telephones, and shoes. It can be used to disinfect soft surfaces such as sofas, beds and, kid’s toys.
Spray available in : 400 ml


It is an insect repellent that provides hours of effective protection
from the mosquito. It contains effective repellent ingredients and is
soft to the skin.
Spray available in: 200 ml


Gives smooth leather shoes a brilliant shine for several days,
without the need of polishing, Quick and convenient. The
formulation is enriched with caring and protecting waxes to help
avoid water damages and stains. it brightens colours and covers
scuffs, quickly and without mess
Spray available in : 150 ml
Liquid available in : 100 ml

It fills fast and efficiency all major brands of gas lighters as Ronson,
Dunhill, Win & Popular Lighters. It also fills butane powered domestic
appliances. It contains extra refined and purified butane gas for a
cleaner burning flame and trouble free lighter performance.
It is available in: 200, 250, & 300 ml.


Cleans and dissolves rusty parts. It absorbs moisture and prevents
rust formation
Spray available in : 400 ml


Dashboard polish has a unique silicon-based formula that protects your dashboard and provides long-lasting shine.
Spray available in: 250 & 750 ml

The product is made of an effective formula that cleans and removes dirt instantly. It contains non-toxic anti-microbial ingredients. Free of phosphor and other harmful organic solvents. It removes animal and plant oils and lubricants. It can substitute organic solvents such as ethanol and gasoline, while being gentle on surfaces and has an elegant fragrance.
Spray available in : 650 ml

It is a cleaning agent suitable for all low electric current contacts and
mechanical devices as labtop, lcd, dvd & mb4. It contains a very effective
dissolving agent which helps in quick and gentle removing of oil, oxide,
dust, grease and other contaminating particles from magnetic heads,
rollers, and mechanisms. It will not attack common materials such as
rubber and plastic. It dries quickly and
leaves no residue.
Spray is available in: 200 & 300 ml.

It lubricates and cleans effectively all dirty contacts as labtop, lcd, dvd &
mb4 leaving behind a film that improves and protects electrical
conductivity. It displaces moisture and prevents rust and corrosion. It will
also free any frozen parts of rust, corrosion, scale, varnish, carbon, or
gum. Amazingly fast acting.
Spray is available in: 200 & 300 ml.


This product works by polishing plant leaves. Once applied, you will instantly have a silky and natural shine, it also prevents dust accumulation. This product does not clog the pores of the leaves.
Spray available in : 750 ml


It is ideal for party decorations during weddings, feasts and other occasions. Have a great time with friends amidst instant synthetic snow.
Contents: 150, 250 & 300 ml

Impress your guests with our snow spray at your party. Snow spray products are used to create fake snow to add a joyful atmosphere. It sprays continuously and is safe for the skin. It can be used at festivals and special occasions such as weddings, Christmas parties, birthday parties, etc... It makes any party more exciting and memorable.
Spray available in 150, 250 & 300 ml

It is ideal for party decorations during parties, birthdays, weddings, feasts and any other occasions. Have a great time with friends in amazing colored threads.
Contents: 200 ml.

Suitable for decoration of a snow covered environment. Christmas cribs, windows, shop display... Remove with a cloth moistened in alcohol. for best results, store and use at approximately 20 C.
Spray available in : 150 ml.